1. Eufloria - plants cats love

    Mar 21 2017 - 10:20am

    A published paper on "cat scents"; plants that cats love.  You can read about it here, and read the full paper (OPEN ACCESS) here: Responsiveness of cats (Felidae) to silver vine (Actinidia polygama), Tatarian honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica), valerian (Valeriana officinalis) and catnip (Nepeta cataria)

  2. Our cats probably aren't making us crazy!

    Feb 24 2016 - 11:43am

    There's little evidence that the infamous 'cat parasite' causes psychological changes in humans, study finds - you can read about it here:

  3. Dog Bite Prevention

    May 15 2015 - 10:07am

    In honor of Dog Bite Prevention Week, the following are easy to utilize resources for families:

  4. Why do Cats Purr?

    May 8 2015 - 1:28pm

    Danielle Venton has a new article called Why do Cats Purr?  It's Not Just Because they're Happy in Wired Magazine

  5. Welcome to the new version of the Indoor Pet Initiative website!

    Jan 15 2015 - 11:29am

    We have updated the site to make it accessible on more kinds of devides, easier to navigate and easier to edit to keep it up-to-date.  We wil be adding new and updated content in the days ahead, so if you don't see what you are looking for, let us know!