Puppy Classes

One safe and effective means of socializing your puppy is to enroll him in a puppy socialization class, or puppy kindergarten. This special class provides a means for puppies to form social relationships with other animals and people, in a safe, controlled environment. Recent studies show that puppies that participate in puppy socialization classes are more likely to remain in their adoptive homes than puppies that do not attend class. Speak to your veterinarian about class options near you. Be sure the class is supervised by an animal care professional and that the class is for puppies only. Punishment or discipline, and rough handling are never appropriate in puppy classes. Do not allow anyone to roll your puppy over or hold him down, yell at him, or jerk on his collar or his leash. Never permit anyone to do anything to your puppy that seems inappropriate or frightening. If your puppy seems upset by some aspect of the puppy class, first make sure that what is being done is appropriate, and if not, don’t permit your puppy to participate. If the puppy seems to be reacting fearfully in a non-threatening situation, speak with your veterinarian about it.

Information on Puppy Kindergarten classes offered at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center.