Feline Life Stressors

Life Stressors of Cats: How to Make Your Cat More Comfortable When Stress Occurs

HissWhat is a life stressor?

Life stressors are events and changes in your cat's environment that may affect her well-being. Our research suggests that some cats are unusually sensitive to their surroundings. These cats may respond to life stressors by becoming uncomfortable, nervous, or fearful. Particularly susceptible cats may even get sick, or develop behavioral problems such as aggression.

We may not realize how sensitive your cat is to something as simple as moving furniture around the room or having company over for dinner. Cats are creatures of habit, and they depend on us to keep their surroundings stable and safe.

When we plan to do something that changes the cat's surroundings, even for a short period of time, we can help alleviate her stress and discomfort by following a few simple guidelines. The following is a list of common life stressors for cats. It includes guidelines for reducing your cat's stress level and making her more comfortable in a changing environment.