FenceCats need to know what is going on around them. They are cats, they are curious! They can hear sounds coming from outside and smell lots of strange things but they need to see what is happening out there. They want to know that it is safe, if they can hear and smell but can't see it, it might frighten them.

Cats need something that allows them to elevate themselves from ground level. Cats like to climb, a perch will provide them with a safe and private place to watch the action from above. A perch is anything that allows them to lie, sit, sleep or look outside from above, a perch is a must have for cats. Perches come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, you can get perches that attach to the windowsill, or you could custom build a perch for them. More than one perch allows them to look outside at different angles.

You can place a couch, sofa, chair, or sturdy table in front of a window, so your cat can look outside. To make the scenery more attractive for them, you could hang a bird feeder in the yard, plant pretty flowers to attract bees, butterflies, and other insects. This will keep your cat interested, he may sit on his perch for hours and look outside.

WindowCats may feel safer if they can sleep somewhere high, provide them with places to climb up on, that make them feel safe and where no other animal or human could sneak up on them. If you are having a problem with finding a suitable area for a perch, watch your cat, he will show you where he feels comfortable, usually by curling up and falling asleep.
If you prefer that your cat uses a different area than he chose, you will need to offer him treats and kind words as you place him in the area you would like for him to use. Make this area more enticing, if he refuse to stay there, then allow him to approach it on his own. Put his favorite treat or toy on the perch so he will investigate. He may just use the couch, the end table, or top of the dresser to make his own perch.

Please consider this, when rearranging the furniture, or moving. Can he still see outside?