Keeping Indoor Cats Healthy video now available for download!

In response to numerous requests, we have decided to make our video, Keeping Indoor Cats Healthy: Tips and techniques for preventing stress-related health problems freely available for download.  We hope it will provide more help for cat owners to create an environment that permits their cats to thrive indoors. The video was recorded at the WOSU studio at COSI here in Columbus, OH, and includes both the lecture and audience questions at the end.

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The fundamental importance of mental health to overall health and well-being has long been identified in human medicine. Poor welfare and chronic stress in animals can lead to and exacerbate many mental and physical health problems. When we as veterinarians embrace the connection between mental and physical health, we can offer some of the best in preventative and therapeutic care for our patients. Poor mental health in pets can lead to behavioral disorders, that, when left untreated, can be just as serious and disabling as physical diseases. read more...